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I’m a strong believer that our past affects our future making us the sum total of our experiences. For many, I can understand that this may bring more pain on recall than positive memories. However, I believe we can choose to view the world through a different lens; that we can take the positive from the negative and change how we operate for the better. These two pictures act as a reminder for me, from ‘when I was’, to ‘who I am today’. The journey between, has been a mixture of pain, of joy, highs and lows. Allow me to elaborate a little:

I grew up from a very young age experiencing trauma, the kind of trauma that can easily crush a young child. Older and wiser looking into those young eyes now, with the option to ruminate and wallow in self-pity, or to believe that my past experiences are part of life’s rich tapestry, I chose the latter. A metaphor that I share as a psychotherapist and Lecturer, is that we are all essentially diamonds in the rough that for every experience (positive or negative) cuts a facet in the stone, turning it into something more colourful and iridescent with the passing of time. Thus who we are today is a person with dimension, that better informs what we do and how we go about doing it. In my case, it is reflected in my music.  


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Music and Profession

A songwriter of music and lyrics. As a former session musician and lead singer in a signed band, I have enjoyed working with a variety of artists over the years and thus feel comfortable as well as inspired by a whole range of musical genres and styles. Collaborative interest with song writing first came from leading managers in the states, having showcased songs whilst living there. However,  the lure of Hollywood and co-writing had to be declined due to family commitments and that little thing called a ‘visa’. I guess for the most part if you were to ask what makes me tick, then I’d say I get turned on by a good drum and bass line, with a dash of soul on the side. All songs presented on this site have been written by myself, so there are no complicated ghost writing partners to muddy the water. Creative production, mixing and engineering on most of the tracks, is by Jon Birch.

Suffice to say, the songs are an eclectic fusion of ‘this and that’. So if you fancy a rummage for inspiration, I’m certain you’ll find something here in the mix - or perhaps I venture to say, even one that’s a little different from the norm. The songs have meaning and purpose at their core, with lyrics telling a story, where music and words are inextricably linked. Oh and an important note. This material is for sale. I know that many professionals and interested parties will only deal with artists that are affiliated with organisations, so I am proud to say I am a member of GISC (The Guild of International Songwriters & Composers).




The vast majority of my songs obtain a 5 out of 5 status where 4 have reached the semi-finals over the last 2 years in the UK Songwriting Contest -

PS. If you are signed and need a song or two written, based on a theme or whatever needs must, Jon and I are an awesome team to collaborate with.


Jon Birch

‘Many’ years’ experience as a professional musician and producer.

First recording expose afforded me by Roland Orzabal of Tears for Fears, on a Christmas day when the studio was empty. From that point forward I caught the music making bug and it’s been with me ever since.

Moving on: I forged, wrote for and gigged with a 9 piece band. We were signed, cut an album together and gigged our way around top venues across the country. Having managed technical aspects for such a large group, here I honed my skills engineering and learning all things auditory whilst working on the fly. This gave me an invaluable insight into the dynamics of sound, providing me with the tools to work effectively within the studio.

Musical Director and session musician thereafter; keyboardist, pianist and singer,
producing albums for other artists from my own fully equipped analogue and digital studio. My love of analogue has grown as a result and is integral to my current set-up, creating/sculpting, original sounds for clients and fellow musicians. Many albums produced from here, recording a variety of projects, from singer songwriters and independent artists, to a massive requiem performed in St Pauls Cathedral, London.

I did this until I could no longer stand all the wires and decided to downsize. I now focus, from my one man studio, on not only making music for and with independent musicians, but also writing and producing music for TV and radio. Highlights include, co-writing and producing the anthem for the Special Olympics, alongside writing and performing for Greenbelt Festival. I've also got back to writing for myself and producing music for animations I create.

To echo what Paul has said – Enjoy!


Tina Priestman

Promotion and Marketing

Having formulated, facilitated and run multi million pound businesses, I only get involved with ventures that have that something special. So when there’s a whiff of raw talent, I’m prepared to invest time and energy. Suffice to say, I only get involved in something if I believe it’s worthwhile. Paul has a talent for song writing that has the hallmarks of something different to the norm but special at the same time. His writing is eclectic and wide ranging. I find myself asking - are there no boundaries to what he can do? To write, sing and produce is something that Paul becomes so immersed in, that he is pretty much useless at anything else (a typical creative). Suffice to say I’m happy to take up the mantle of reason; putting him in his place when needs must whilst allowing him the space to do what he does best - make music!

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